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Alcatraz Ghosts

Posted on March 6, 2021 by Clifford Hagger

Alcatraz was said to be a prison for America's worst prisoners. But even prior to the department of prisons actually overran the island, the military used it as a location to help keep the civil war prisoners.

Over the years, there were plenty of ghost stories and sighting linked to the place. Legend says that even prior to the military used it, the Native Americans avoided the area because they believed it to function as home of evil sprits.

Some of the very most reported haunted locations in Alcatraz will be the warden's house, a healthcare facility, the laundry room, and cell block C utility door, where convicts Coy, Cretzer and Hubbard died throughout their escape attempt. Probably the most haunted place may be the D cell block, or the "solitary," since it was called. The peculiar thing concerning the D block is that the region is intensely cold, particularly cell 14-D; it is sometimes 20 degrees colder compared to the surrounding areas.

The most horrific tale of cell block D is approximately a convict who began screaming as soon as he was thrown in among the cells. It is stated that there is something with glowing eyes in the cell with him. The guards, however, ignored the screams and after a few years the convict stopped screaming. Each morning, the convict was found dead with finger marks around his neck. Since that time, many visitors and guards have reported seeing the glowing eyes in various elements of the prison.

A amount of guards from 1946 to 1963 have reported seeing extraordinary things every once in awhile, which range from sobbing women to horrible smells. Sometimes, phantom prisoners also have appeared while watching guards and their own families.

Over the years, many psychics attended to the island prison and all have observed a rigorous sense of energy and dissatisfaction. Some claim to possess had talks with tortured and dissatisfied souls, while some claim to possess had ghosts touch and harm them.