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Astral Consciousness

Posted on December 15, 2022 by Clifford Hagger

The Astral plane exists here and today simultaneously with the physical. Similarly, section of our consciousness is connecting to the astral the following and today. Understanding and experiencing this section of consciousness is focused on training your brain to understand it. Deeper degrees of projection simply require training of your brain to shift more energy in to the areas of consciousness which are already linked to the astral.

The ability of projection begins with the development of awareness. It really is just like the difference between being conscious of a door or not being conscious of a door. Awareness supplies the opportunity to undertake while ignorance hides the entranceway completely.

It is essential then to teach your brain to first become aware that the astral exists the following and today. This should be achieved through experience. Your brain should be observant to itself, to feeling for and noticing the areas of itself which are tuned in to the astral.

These openings will be the keys to deeper travel.

Experienced astral projectors no more need a deep degree of relaxation to project. They simply tune in to the astral plane and through focus and mind control, enter directly. The bigger and subtler planes too, exist here and today and so are accessed by tuning in to the areas of mind which are already connected. The subtler and higher the planes are, the 'further' or 'fainter' they'll seem from our awareness.

Difficulties shifting into subtler planes as well as astral projecting to begin with occur as the consciousness is mounted on the densities of emotion, thought and the physical. The more that people get these in order, the 'closer' the subtler and higher planes will undoubtedly be perceived by our consciousness. A complete shift occurs whenever we have control on the specific densities, those being emotions, thoughts and sensations that could prevent us from moving deeper. In could possibly be compared in a few methods to an air filled balloon resting on the floor. It may desire to go higher, nonetheless it is only when it's filled up with a lighter gas such as for example helium or hydrogen that it'll.

Various temples, monasteries and places of learning exist within the astral and these can also only be accessed if the proper frequency is met. These frequencies can't be bought or sold. They're simply requirements of consciousness that whenever met allow entry. If the frequency isn't met then probably these places won't even be perceived at all. Exactly the same requirements exist for meeting certain teachers and masters.

It is interesting to notice that exactly the same energetic shifts in consciousness necessary to project into and within the astral hold to exactly the same principles necessary for emotional mastery, psychic communication and manifestation. The complexity lies within deciphering the initial laws of every plane and dimension. In the same way in the physical however, we have been fortunate that knowledge and teachings are always available - we should just be ready to seek also to ask.