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Chakra Balancing

Posted on October 3, 2022 by Clifford Hagger

The chakras are portal or structures that assist to channel and integrate subtle energies in to the physical body. Your body has 7 primary chakras but over 2000 secondary ones that assist to direct and contain the integrity of our 3 main elements - mind, body and spirit. Because the flow of the triad is definitely shifting, directed by our intent and consciousness, so too must the chakra system recalibrate and discover new points of balance which each shift. Put simply, in the same way our thinking, communication, perspectives and intentions change, so do certain requirements of our chakra systems.

The chakra system deals mainly with subtle energy therefore generally this energy can undertake subtle shifts of tension within the physical body. With enough subtle tension however, the flow of energy will slow and also stop. The effect is that your body, mind and emotions will start receiving less and less information. Information can lead to less understanding and less understanding will result in less ability. Usually this will not happen in a dramatic way, it might take years, exactly the same way that plumbing may take years to clog up and finally impede the flow of water.

Depending which chakras are blocked or limited, the physical and mental consciousness will exhibit various manifestations. Blockages in the solar plexus for example can lead to too little will or strong intent to do this. This is experienced in your body as a lessening of the bio-chemicals that induce the feeling or emotion of will and purpose. Emotionally and mentally this is experienced in corresponding mind states such as for example apathy or boredom. Blockages in the crown chakra can lead to a disconnection from the bigger Self, in addition to a difficulty connecting to the larger picture in ones life. Just like the solar plexus chakra, specific bio-chemicals will match this specific blockage.

The link between your energy of the chakra and the bio-chemistry of your body is merely about information. You'll find nothing mysterious about any of it at all. Our whole being exists and survives due to information. There's information between your heart and the mind, information between organs and enzymes, hormones and blood, oxygen and lungs, along with information from the exterior world such as for example people, books, trees, sunlight, the moon, gravity and electricity. Information is influence and expression, through connecting with this particular information a communication happens. This is actually the same communication occurring between your energy of the chakras and the physical body.

The foundation 'foot in the door' principles to any kind of chakra balancing must start with simply hanging out at the chakra location. Just forget about what's written in books, references as well as here for example. Nothing will compare to actual 'sit down' time with your personal chakras. Its like hanging out with someone you care about, kids, friends and so forth - we are able to venture out and seek advanced knowledge and expert advice, but sometimes what's really needed is merely to invest time using them. It is the same cope with the chakras. An incredible quantity of communication will start whenever we just listen and observe - and in this listening a lot of balancing and integration will just happen. The outcomes will be observed in what sort of physical body feels, your brain thinks, the emotions move and the spirit flows through us.