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Does Anyone Except the Astrologer Ever Really Profit from having an Astrological Reading?

Posted on October 26, 2022 by Clifford Hagger

We can speak to individuals who don't mow the lawn without consulting their astrologer first also to those at another end of the spectrum who firmly declare they do not have confidence in astrology. What is based on between?

There is not any doubt that the stars along with other heavenly bodies were in a particular configuration at the precise moment we were born. It had been certainly our "stamp" in creation but how could that affect our lives either minimally or dramatically? Well, some see astrology as a predictable climate of possibilities and probabilities. To those that do, it creates no difference if you truly believe in it or not. They'll tell you that it is like saying you do not have confidence in gravity as you come out a window of a twenty-second story building. Just what exactly? The inevitable will not value your beliefs or lack thereof.

For those that tread the center of the street and seek astrological readings only occasionally, for either entertainment or perhaps a potential for a clearer look at whys of life, selecting an astrologer could be very an adventure. They can be found in all sizes and shapes. That's as the nature of these work is interpretative. You can find hardly any frames of reference, if any, that can not be adapted to an astrological chart...all modes of religion and spirituality, all sides of psychology...and every part of materialism. The charts aren't often done yourself any more, that was once a time-consuming and expensive process. Nowadays they pop readily out of a well-educated computer. Then your fun begins.

You may head to your reading with some specific questions concerning the past present and/or future or you might just want your natal (birth) chart read. Lots of people require a reading concerning the year ahead, only...to obtain a synopsis of what's ahead in the hopes of coping with it wisely and well.

It's also possible to have a course or courses in astrology in a classroom or online for the intended purpose of either understanding your personal chart better or of interpreting charts for others. Again, whoever prepares and presents the class will put their spin on interpretation, which means you have to seriously investigate the task of one's proposed teacher.

For lots of people, reading the charts of the rich and famous is really a real trip, since everybody knows, following the fact, the bends and turns within their chosen paths in life. It could be fun to check up readings on your own favorite scientist, celeb, evangelist or explorer...but understand that one astrologer's interpretation may vary from another's despite the fact that these were armed with exactly the same basic data. It could be a lot more entertaining to acquire several readings on the natal chart on your own particular hero or nemesis for comparison of diverse opinions.