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Dowsing, Pyschic Phenomena or Practical Skill

Posted on February 6, 2023 by Clifford Hagger

Dowsing is really a practical skill, and therefore only makes real sense used. Dowsing works on the context of a "muscular twitch". Much like buttoning a shirt, we train ourselves to respond in a specific way, to various items of information we pick from those that are actually passing by.

On a bicycle for instance we react to data received by our eyes, as well as the balance detectors in the centre ear, and merge the info together to provide instructions to muscles all around the body, to both balance and and guide the movement to provide a reply.

In dowsing, the movement is small and subtle. Most dowsers use a musical instrument, a mechanical amplifier, to help make the movement obvious. These could be angle rod twigs or perhaps a pendulum to mention but several.

To have the ability to undertake dowsing some experts insist that the dowsers must have psychic or paranormal [] gifts. However, all one really needs is practice necessary to seek the perfect method for the average person.

The most practical method to use needless to say is them all, and for example more of these because they all have benefits and drawbacks.

Whatever the implement, you choose to choose it is advisable to set up a couple of rules to point various responses of yes, no, have no idea as well as idiot! These rules are laid down by you before starting. Yes could be clockwise without having an anti-clockwise spin and maybe even a backward/forward movement, or it could even be laterally, it is your decision to agree the guidelines.