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Posted on June 9, 2021 by Clifford Hagger

Ghosts are said to be the apparitions of deceased men and women. A ghost is a spirit of a person who resides on the ground after death. Every culture on earth has folklore about ghosts. These disturbed spirits are unaware of being dead and stay attached to familiar places and repeat the exact acts as alive.

Ghosts are generally portrayed in a human size and shape, but there have been theories that have declared their appearance in silvery, dark or fog-like forms. Ghosts do not have any physical body such as humans, but only have a subtle astral body. Ghosts make their presence felt by moving objects, throwing vivid lights etc., which have no sensible excuse. Individuals who believe in ghosts clarify their existence by stating they are souls who couldn't find rest after death or spirits who have an unfinished business on the earth.

Many Asian nations believe in reincarnation, and say that ghosts are spirits who refuse to be"recycled" because of unfinished business on the earth.

Some ghosts are distinguished by a famous building, which they have. The Tower of London is reported to be haunted by the headless ghost of Anne Boleyn, soul of Thomas Becket, and ghosts of King Edward V of England and Richard, Duke of York. There's been stories of groups of soldiers making looks suddenly, and also of a woman with no face. The White House is reportedly haunted by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln.

Although there has been lots of material written about ghosts, nothing has been scientifically demonstrated and therefore the topic will continue to be debated for decades to come.