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The Do's And Don'ts Of Performing A Successful Seance

Posted on December 5, 2023 by Clifford Hagger

Usually do not tamper or play with the spirits and soul world if you don't are ready for all your ramifications that include it. Always make sure your own security as well as others who sit down in the group with you. Always arranged your limitations when carrying out a séance.

  • Séance participants collect in a group around a comfortable desk.
  • Place a white candle and an symbolic symbol of safety in the heart of the group you have blessed and said a prayer of safety over.
  • Turn off the telephone and other things that creates loud disturbing noises and sounds as well always remove pets to some other room. Remove any possibly distracting items (such as blowing wind chimes) to avoid unwanted sounds.
  • Dim the lights to an appropriate level or it is possible to change them off if you select and use several candles in the area to produce soft comfortable lighting, go using what ever seems right and comfortable too you.
  • Ask all individuals that are gathered sitting down around the desk to put their hands upon the desk, using their fingers slightly pass on to permit each pinkie finger on each people hands too gently touch along with his neighbor on either part.
  • Start out with a pre chosen starting prayer that ought to be brief and sweet, made to condition benevolent purposes and also to offer protection for those involved.
  • Focus then on starting your group to the entrance of spirits for minutes. Give this enough time, ask if there are any spirits present.
  • Always keep concentrating always upon the spirits in the area. Ask the spirits relevant questions which may be easily replied by the simple indications of "yes" or "no" answers.
  • Always talk to the spirits to the best of your skills and with good sense, ( It isn't a tale so keep all puns from the séance ) until you are feeling that it's time to get rid of the program, or until you start to feel tired.
  • Always end the séance by bidding a farewell to the spirits in the area, and condition your gratitude because of their involvement in your conference and send them back again and on the way.
  • Always end the séance with a closing prayer similar compared to that that you opened with.
  • Safety Tips:

  • Always remain alert all the time, some spirits can be wrong and terrible manipulating liars and I cannot stress this enough always keep your cool and stress free, because Spirits do sense tension in a person, just like earthbound creatures do. Screen a sense of alertness and serenity.
  • Should you contact a harmful heart which joins your séance, ask it to leave immediately and recite your starting security prayer. If it generally does not work the very first time do it again the procedure with firmness however, not with anger in your modulation of voice or in your emotions.
  • Be very wary and careful when coping and handling spirits from another place and time. Treat them with respect and use your instincts by knowing when it's time to place the function to a halt.
  • Don't ever allow individuals who you think wont or couldn't deal with a séance psychologically., especially children, you must never involve them.
  • Never break the group by letting go of hands in the center of a séance, this allows the spirit to stay on the planet earth plain and cause havoc if it chooses too.
  • Always end the séance by mailing the spirit back again too whence it came and always close the group and end it with a closing and protective prayer. Unless you do that it can stick to this earthy plain to make havoc if it chooses too.
  • Never trust a heart on faith, as I've said, they can fool us with manipulative lies. If indeed they state to be someone you understand, test the heart with questions only see your face who once understood you with questions only the true person can answer.
  • Never provoke a spirit, especially a spirit who appears troublesome.
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