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The Paranormal Puzzle

Posted on July 7, 2021 by Clifford Hagger

There's a good deal of paranormal puzzles on the market. Sightings and stories are published daily on sites and in news books regular giving us more and more questions to try to solve.

Every weird event or experience has it's own nice details also. How tall were the aliens? How quickly was the UFO traveling? Was there any hair left in the Bigfoot sighting? How many witnesses were there? Who were some of the sailors at the Philadelphia Experiment? What scientists have been involved?

Perhaps these are just pieces to the puzzle. Whether the topic is time traveling or telekenesis they aren't the complete puzzle themselves, but part of something larger? Without a doubt there's more paranormal research now happening than there has ever been. Most seem to be experts honing in on aliens or ghosts or mysterious creatures, and fewer of them are searching for connections to show their existence beyond their own modern science. As a community we probably have it figured out, but we simply can not see the entire picture because of investigations into matters that seem unrelated and their investigators aren't communicating with other researchers to find out whether they've overlap and notes to compare.

Some paranormal subjects have things in common with other paranormal subjects. Whether they can help establish or disprove different regions is problematic, but links and commonalities are there. So, for all you of that like thinking outside the box, what if it's all connected?

Maybe the biggest paranormal mystery of them all could be exactly what the whole picture looks like when we have a step back.