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The Secret To Witchcraft

Posted on August 9, 2022 by Clifford Hagger

The secret to witchcraft is magic. Often magic sometimes appears as knowledge, that folks got from ancient times from sky creatures. Which is true, magic followed human kind because the day of its existence. The usage of magic could be traced back again to ancient times. Civilizations came and went. In Egypt and Greece they believed in kingdom of Gods, than came new religions like Christians and Muslims believing only in a single God. Time has erased lots of things from our memory: names of towns and folks, predictions about catastrophes and inventions. But magic stayed and only perfected itself. New rituals appeared, but magic never lost its source. We've magical powers because the day we were born. It really is as an instinct. So most of us right from the start of our existence have magical powers. In the present day day society the "spell caster" within us is suppressed, to provide room for a civilized and rational thinking individual.

It appears like we completely forgot the ancient magic knowledge, exactly like, we forgot our understanding of hunting and gathering skills . Saying that, in case a human seriously gets lost in the woods he'll get back to the basics and begin acting like his ancestors. Needless to say which will only happen if the human will not surrender to panic. Exactly the same has been magic, except it needs a lot more and stronger energy.

"Magic" is really a special kind of energy. It is possible to brake a rock with a hammer. However to get this done you will need plenty of energy and strength. It really is this energy that breaks the rock rather than the hammer. Observe that the energy originates from your hand. Magic is really a kind of energy, nonetheless it comes from your brain. Exactly like electric energy, you cannot see or touch it, however the presence of high concentration of magic, could be felt. There is absolutely no completely good or completely bad spell casters, as with people. The nice and evil is inside every human, usually it really is balanced but sometimes there's more of 1 or another. Good cannot exist minus the bad. If not you'll not know very well what good is, minus the bad. Everything on earth is balanced when an imbalance of 1 energy happens, we are able to have the anti force of another. When evil masterminds are born, heroes are born too.

In the center ages one technique of antidote was popular: each day the individual took a little bit of poison. His organism would get accustomed to the poison, therefore the poison didn't kill him. So lets understand this minimal "evil" as an antidote. People fight using what evil brings, but spell caster fights using its source.