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What is Witchcraft, Really

Posted on July 17, 2021 by Clifford Hagger

It has been great amazement that even yet in today age Witchcraft is regarded as as something evil. Individuals who practice this faith tend to be thought to be worshipping the devil or the underworld.

There could possibly be nothing further form the reality. Like in all respects of life, you obtain several bad apples, but this will not mean that a whole faith ought to be pigeonholed in to the evil category.

Witchcraft, all together is an extremely gentle and fun faith. You won't ever find people practicing this faith sitting on street corners or shouting from rooftops, attempting to convert you. They're quite pleased to get on making use of their faith within their own way. Should people desire to join, they're welcomed with open arms plus they are not judged. You aren't forced to leave all of your beliefs behind. You're given the chance to create up your personal mind is likely to time. You aren't likely to join a coven, it is possible to practise the faith in your house is likely to time.

Witchcraft is founded on nature and is really a faith that works together with nature instead of against it. It generally does not involve black magic. Yes, it can involve magic, nonetheless it is magic that's freely obtainable in the universe. This is a faith that's against doing injury to others or any other living thing, be it animal or plant.

Contrary to what you see in the movies, Witches do not fly around on brooms and neither do they change their form. They do not bring the dead back to life. Further more, an upside down pentagram is not a sign or symbol of Witchcraft. It makes me really sad when people actually believe all the things they see in the movies. The pentagram used by Witches is the right way up. Each point represents part of nature namely, earth, wind, fire, water and yourself.

I find it very ignorant when people assume a faith to be rubbish or evil when they know nothing about it. I find this frustrating and an insult. Personally, I believe that a person without knowledge is a danger to themselves and everybody around them. So before one decides to rubbish a particular faith, it could be worth their while to do their research and read up on the subject. After that, they are entitled to their opinion and can have their fifteen minutes of fame, either way. There are numerous of sites out there that have a lot of information about the subject, so before you chose to insult someone about their faith whilst knowing nothing about it, it recommend that you read up on it.