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The Zero Point

Posted on September 16, 2022 by Clifford Hagger

The zero point is really a state of consciousness where no distance exists. Which means that the start exists within the finish, awareness exists with ignorance and power exists with impotence. The reason why that state is indeed powerful is because of the truth that healing, manifestation and empowerment may appear instantly. There is absolutely no pause between occasionally, because occasionally exist in exactly the same point.

For everything to exist in exactly the same point would be to mean that everything are one. It really is this unity which allows mind, body and spirit to be one. It really is this unity which allows the Shaman to end up being the wolf. It really is this unity that allowed Nicola Tesla to function as mind of technology.

Embracing destruction is essential to be able to go through the zero point because without destruction we shall not conquer our limiting beliefs and emotions. Destruction provides room for movement or creation. Creation creates experience which in turn opens just how for reflection and observation, which in turn paves just how for further destruction and refinement.

The zero point consciousness is available through destroying all that's separate. The more that unity is established, the more that separation is destroyed. The creative phase appears because of this. Although energy isn't actually destroyed, the proper execution, essence and this is that it represents could be.

Zero point consciousness gets the potential to totally destroy the proper execution, essence and meaning of energies.

It is this power that means it is so valuable to healers and adepts of most kinds. This power can be the key reason why complete zero point consciousness can usually only be accessed by people with spent enough time and done the task stretching and conditioning their mind. The conditioning of your brain ensures that alongside power, the adept also offers control and perception.

Certain technologies and psychedelic drugs have the ability to connect your brain and body to a comparatively strong zero point consciousness and several realizations could be had in this state. There's however no real control, because the very tools that determine control will be the faculties which are used to build up a company and measured grasp on zero point consciousness from scratch.

The massive difference is whether it's the zero point that directs us or us that directs the zero point.

Having the energy to manifest and make powerful connections instantly may sound great, however the ramifications are huge if we have been not in charge. A mind that's struggling to focus or maintain its many emotional states can and can create more pain and suffering for itself when it gets the power to achieve this. In the same way a healer can transpose a diseased state, zero point consciousness may also bring about a diseased state.

The experience is totally different when all of the supporting muscles of your brain and consciousness have already been developed, in fact it is the development that occurs when training with control for connecting to zero point that develops these muscles. This gives the opportunity to create, sustain and manage the profound levels of energy involved.

This planet has been full of the corpses of minds looking forward to spiritual quick fixes and answers, however, not willing or knowing enough to accomplish the work necessary to get these. The answers will always be the same. Insufficient control results in power uncontrollable.

Zero point consciousness is really a destination of profound value. This value is truly available to us whenever we develop it by using our very own faculties and senses. It really is only then, that people have the control and perception to direct it.